Dropbox Releases An Invite-Only Password Management App

In brief: Dropbox is best known for its convenient file storage solutions, but the company is starting to dip its toes into the password management realm now. Today, Dropbox published its own password management app onto the Google Play Store, aptly named “Dropbox Passwords.”

However, there’s a catch: the app is invite-only for now. While the general public can download and install it onto their devices, no one can use it without being granted access (presumably a beta key of some kind).

From what we can tell, Dropbox Passwords will work almost the same way as most of its competitors, such as 1Password or LastPass. It will save your passwords for you and allow you to auto-fill them across various apps and websites with a single click. Additionally, it has password generation and syncing functionality, which are also pretty common features in this category of apps.

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