A Divisive Film removed from Cineworld screens across the county after peaceful protests

A film has been removed from screens at all Cineworld branches after hundreds of people took part in a peaceful protest on Broad Street outside the Cineworld branch on Sunday.

Imam Ijaz Ahmad Shaami a leading Imam of the city said: ‘We were made aware that a controversial blasphemous film: ‘The Lady of Heaven’ was being shown in some Cineworld cinemas in the UK, including Birmingham.

The movie is blasphemous against the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, as it depicts the HolyProphet, which is not permissible whatsoever in Islam. In addition, the film is blasphemous against the Noble companions and the Noble Memebrs of the HouseHold of the Prophet PBUH, as it insults and mocks them and portrays them as evil characters. The Noble companions and the Noble family of the Prophet are extremely and highly revered, respected and loved by Muslims throughout the world and have been for nearly 1500 years.

Also this film is factually incorrect and presents a false account of the history of Islam and pushes sectarian narratives and spreads hatred. The film is divisive and fuels sectarian hatred and division’

Hafiz Mohammed Shoaib from Lozells central mosque added ‘Yesterday we exercised our democratic right to peacefully protest against this movie and as a result today we have had the news that the film will not be shown at any branch of Cineworld’

Haroon Iqbal a community activist said ‘ We are delighted that Cineworld cinemas have confirmed that they will no longer be showing this movie in any cinemas across the UK and we hope such hate led content is never allowed on the big public screen’

In a recorded video message that has been posted on social media and shared to thousands of muslims in Birmingham, Imam Ijaz Shaami has said ‘We take this opportunity to particularly thank all those who attended protests across the country and particularly in Birmingham, the Religious leaders that took a leading stance and have worked tirelessly in the background for this decision and lastly the Management of Cineworld Uk for understanding this extremely sensitive issue.

By: Mohammed Zafran

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