Get active during national Walk to School Week (16 to 20 May)

Walsall Council’s A*STARS Road Safety team is inviting the borough’s primary schools and their pupils to use active travel on their journey to school.

The nationwide campaign for Walk to School Week is taking place between the 16 and 20 May encourages pupils and parents to use active and sustainable travel as an alternative to the car for their journey to and from school.

Over 21,500 pupils will be asked to complete a daily diary, recording each day they travel actively (walking, scooting or cycling) to school as well as completing a short quiz on the benefits of walking throughout the week.

The campaign is being promoted as part of the borough wide A*STARS Programme (Active Sustainable Travel and Road Safety) which works with 84% of primary schools in the borough. The programme is a series of walking, wheeling and road safety initiatives, along with training, expertise and support that is given to schools to help them to develop and promote safer, healthier lifestyle choices for all.

Travelling actively on the school run can help contribute to a reduction in school gate congestion, pollution and improve the health of children and families.

Councillor Adrian Andrew, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Regeneration said, “I encourage all Walsall children and families to actively take part in Walk to School week. Every pupil will be given the challenge to travel sustainably into school, choosing to walk, scoot, cycle or travel by wheelchair or mobility scooter meaning that everyone can participate.”
“I know some parents drive their children to school but they can still take part. Parking a little further away and walking to school, even if it’s just for five minutes, will help to reduce congestion and air pollution at the school gates and improves road safety.

“Hopefully this will encourage people to consider this as an ongoing arrangement and not just for the week improving health and wellbeing in the long run!
“Where it is possible to use active and sustainable travel, let’s do so, keeping the traffic off the streets and making Walsall a much safer, healthier place.”

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