Platinum Jubilee celebrations across Walsall

Across the borough, residents have been busy planning street parties and other events, schools have been planning street party-type events, as have residential care homes. Added to that Community Associations and other voluntary sector organisations have been beavering away planning events, many of which are for Walsall’s most vulnerable residents. Many businesses are also planning how to be involved.

Councillor Garry Perry, Deputy Leader for Resilient Communities said:

“A decision was made to provide limited financial support for up to 120 community-led events, so that residents could celebrate with their neighbours and friends, in their own way and where they live. We could have put on a larger musical event in Walsall town centre or Walsall Arboretum but Walsall isn’t the only town or district centre in the borough and these smaller very local events will hopefully help communities and neighbours to get to know each other.

“Some of the events, such as those in schools or residential care homes, will naturally be for invited guests only. Other events are very much open to the general public and we will be promoting them in the coming weeks.

“As well as the events the council is supporting there are of course events being organised in pubs, clubs, by sport associations, places of worship we’re finding out about and…well, the list goes on.

“Please do let us know about your event by sending brief details to

The local and regional print and online press as well as regional TV and radio are all interested to get a picture of what’s going on so they can plan coverage.

Councillor Perry added:

“We’ve all had a pretty dreadful two years — the lockdowns, the fear, the uncertainty and for some of us, the searing grief of losing a loved one to COVID. While I very much hope the Jubilee celebrations will raise spirits, I’m mindful that some people, because of ongoing health conditions, are still scared and still shielding.

“That’s why I really like what’s being planned in The Butts. The community there, led by the Walsall Creative Factory, is planning a ‘walk around fair’ in the streets of The Butts with different neighbourhoods organising different attractions on each street, utilising green spaces, car parks and front gardens.

“For those people still shielding, they can maybe get some chairs out on their frontage and chat to people as they go by, so they feel part of things but also feel safe.”

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