Duchess Bolton Boy

This is what Milan Paul Kumar, Aged 8 from Lostock, Bolton has to say:
I set myself a challenge in March to complete the ‘Blazer Black Belt Challenge’ from Bolton School Junior Boys’ before my birthday in June, allowing myself 3 months to complete a 12 month challenge.
I started reading David Walliams books which I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the illustrations by Tony Ross and was in stitches of laughter throughout the books.
I went on to read more than 50 books including the Biography of Nelson Mandela’s Walk to Freedom which was uplifting and reminded me of my family holiday last year to South Africa.
The further along I progressed through the belts the more challenging the books became.
For part of my black black I had to read Harry Potter books, teaching me about friendship, courage and most importantly
love which makes the world go round.
Milan’s Mighty Mission Accomplished, Aged 7 Bolton’s Reading Lockdown Hero

Royal Honour

HRH Duchess of Cornwall, the Patron of the Royal Society of Literature says, “I firmly believe in the importance of igniting a passion for reading in the next generation” and she has most certainly done this for Milan by recognising his achievement as “absolutely wonderful”. In the past Camilla has revealed the Future King of England is a huge fan of Harry Potter. Their grandchildren enjoy nothing more than listening to Harry Potter stories at bedtime with Prince Charles impersonating the characters.
Milan Paul Kumar Aged 8 would like to thank HRH Duchess of Cornwall, and added if you ever visit the northwest of England, you would be more than welcome to visit Bolton School, which by the way looks just like Hogwarts! I will be in Year 4, please pop in and say Hi and perhaps Prince Charles can read a Harry Potter story to us!”



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