Harvard University has quoted that the Quran is the best book for justice. The sacred text is the Holy book in Islam and believed to hold the final revelations believed by all Muslims. Followers of the faith trust that Allah (God) has selected it as his last and final book, and that it came from the creator of the universe to guide them on the correct path. 

Rules and justice are highly prioritised in Islam and the Holy Book, which is full of essential laws for humans. Islam doesn’t have any space for injustice. Followers of the religion also accept these rules and the verses where they are mentioned in the Qur’an. However, their actions appear contrary; the same is the case of Muslims. 

At the entrance of the Library for Faculty, Harvard Law School, being of the prominent Law Schools in the country, have displayed an aya/verse from Surah/chapter 4 Nisa/woman. It explains that justice is among the greatest expression regarding justice in the past. Harvard Law School is known to be home to the biggest academic library in the world and is a part of Harvard University. 

From verse 135, surah/chapter 4 Nisa/Woman it states: ‘O ye he believe, stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses, to Allah even as against yourselves or your parents, or your kin and whether it be [against] rich or poor: For Allah can best protect both.’ 

This appears to be amongst the three significant quotations displayed on the wall, which is facing the main entrance of the faculty. The rest of the quotes belong to St. Augustine and Magna Carta. These quotations were suggested by the faculties and the students of the Law School, and from more than 100 entries, the Qur’anic verse was chosen. 

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